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Every day of filming this documentary has been an eye-opening experience. The families, students, Humber faculty and Christian Horizons staff come together to form a team geared towards launching these students into a lifelong goal of self-sufficiency. The clips below are just some of the stories unfolded over the course of this documentary. We hope you will join us this Fall for the release of the full length documentary, "A Better Slice of Life", stay tuned.

meet jim

Meet Jim

Throughout his life, Jim struggled with schizophrenia. An emotional roller coaster for his family and himself. Jim persevered looking for a silver lining in a world full of "gray matter". The DSW culinary program at Humber taught this gentle soul how to be more comfortable in his surroundings and with the people he worked with. Before long, Jim found his focus and began to thrive in his new environment.

meet scott

Meet Scott

The love and support that can come from a parent can be the launching pad students need to be successful in the DSW program. Spending a day with Scott and his parents showed the special bond that they have. Take a sneak peek into a supportive environment that shows the similarities and differences in Scott's everyday life from an evening at the Oakville Speed Skating Club to his 3 hour journey on public transit to get to work and back.


Get A Little Closer

Get a closer look at the lives of Dori, Maddie, Scott and Jim. Camera crews followed these four students over their DSW experience at Humber and Christian Horizons and have captured their journey from their introductory classes to their graduation ceremony. A life-changing journey.

A partnership project between
Humber School of Social & Community Services and Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism and Christian Horizons.