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Casey's Grill Bar
Karam Kareer, Owner

Karam, the warm and welcoming owner of Casey's Grill Bar, speaks highly of Dori's skill set. Casey's is a very family oriented restaurant, much of the staff have been there for years. As an establishment that loves to give back to their community, Casey's welcomed the opportunity to work with Humber College and Christian Horizons in this partnership program. Karam was impressed with the level of skill and training coming out of the program. These skills helped Dori make her transition into her placement. Dori was given tasks such as portioning, sauces, food prep and recipes. She was able to complete these tasks with confidence.


Insomnia Restaurant & Lounge
Daniel Quintas, Chef/Owner

Insomnia is a local favourite nestled in the heart of the Annex offering comfort foods and exciting cocktails. The owner, Daniel, looks for employees who want to work at his restaurant, not just people who want to work. It's a small restaurant, it's important that people get along. Daniel found the program offered by Humber College and Christian Horizons very exciting and wanted to participate. He interviewed Maddie and they connected instantly. Maddie was given duties, such as a cleaning and food prep, as she progressed, she was given more substantial tasks such as cutting, preparing new recipes, sauces, dressing, portioning and sautéing. Maddie made an instant connection with her surrounding and her coworkers truly adore her. Maddie really blossomed through her work placement and the confidence she has gained has really changed her as a person.


Montana's Cookhouse
Richard Harry, Kitchen Manager
Assistant General Manger

Montana's is a fun loving place. Serving comfort foods while specializing in ribs. Richard, the Assistant General Manager was very excited to participate in the Humber/Christian Horizons program. He loves helping others and this was a perfect opportunity for him to do so. Richard made a connection with Scott right away. Scott has a great personality, is warm hearted, laid back and loves to dance in the kitchen. For his work placement, Scott makes sauces, prepares ribs and has an opportunity to implement his knife skills. Very little of the regular tasks had to be modified. Scott became confident and more vocal over the course of his placement which really attributed to his success. His speed and multi-tasking improved on a regular basis. Richard feels this program is an excellent way for students to get the hands-on experience that they need to get a job. Richard is a strong advocate that all businesses should participate in this program.


Moxie's Grill & Bar
Sina Mansouri, Head Chef 

Moxie's is a successful restaurant brand that supports a family atmosphere. Much of the staff started with a co-op placement and ended up getting with full-time jobs. The staff love teaching students who really have a passion for cooking and learning. Moxie's understands the advantage of taking the time to teach students, benefitting both the company and the student. Jim was very open and eager to learn going out of his way to take on the tasks given and taking the initiative to ask for more tasks. His personality and willingness to help out endeared him to his new team. Jim was given tasks such as portioning, sauces, recipes and food prep. When Jim first started at Moxies, he was shy and quiet, but over the placement he opened up and feels like an integral part of the team.

A partnership project between
Humber School of Social & Community Services and Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism and Christian Horizons.