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"A Taste For Life" was an event in which the media in the Toronto area were invited to come to Humber to get a glimpse of what is happening with the DSW program and how it's changing the lives of these incredible students. To put some proof in the pudding, the students cooked for the media attendees as part of the event festiviites. Students were interviewed and stories were published in the local media.


Students with developmental disabilities have an opportunity to obtain useful employment skills through a new Culinary Skills Development and Employment program at Humber College. A partnership between Humber and Christian Horizons has resulted in this innovative, inclusive, cutting-edge program that combines teaching in-class soft skills with hands-on culinary training and job placement experience in the food services industry. DSW 101.


The students, who have been studying and training since September, hosted “Taste for Life” on March 14, 2015 from 11 to 12 pm. Sample homemade meat pies and burgers were prepared by students and served to the media attendees. People from the media had the opportunity to meet and interview Josh, Scott and Maddie. Each told a story of how this program made a significant difference in their lives.


“This program is important because it offers the students an opportunity to develop the culinary skills to become employment ready. It prepares students to obtain work and to engage within the community, while enhancing their self-esteem and building their confidence.” 

Gina Antonacci, Dean of the School of Social and Community Services


“We believe that people with intellectual disabilities have the same right to a career-focused college education as any other student in Ontario. This program provides creative support through skill development, mentorship, and job placements in local restaurants that will help the students develop all the skills they need to open doors to long term employment and become contributing members of their community.”

Irene Moore, Area Manager, Christian Horizons

A partnership project between
Humber School of Social & Community Services and Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism and Christian Horizons.