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Access to education is everyone's right. With the right educational pathways, students with disabilities can learn skills that lead to jobs. And the solution is not allowing them to stay in high school until the age of 21. Unfairly, these students are often seen as unemployable in a
high-tech world.

Humber in partnership with Christian Horizons teaches culinary skills to students with disabilities. This program could be used as a model in other educational institutions, as well as in industries beyond culinary. These students are realizing choice and a chance to follow their dreams.

Canada's challenge is this - give people with disabilities the opportunity to develop their innate potential and become contributing members of their community. The onus is on governments and educational institutions alike to give Canadians with disabilities the opportunity to gain skills and employment.

For more information on the culinary program, the documentary, or employer partnering opportunities, please contact:

Gina Antonacci, Humber College
Irene Moore, Christian Horizons

A partnership project between
Humber School of Social & Community Services and Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism and Christian Horizons.